Could calendar events have custom event type?

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Since we have topic types now we could follow that model to have custom Event types.

You could have In-Person events, Online Events, Webinars, etc.

Currently we can only change the background color to differentiate Event types. 
4 Years Ago by Robert W
InstantForum Suggestion

Hi Robert,

That's a great suggestion. I've added this to our list for a 2015 update. We are not finished with the topic types and have a number of other ideas to improve this feature further.  I'd not thought of this so thank you :)

If you have any further requests or suggestions Robert please don't hesitate to post them here and I'll ensure they are added to the list. We'll prioritize suggestions based on the number of votes here within the forum. 

P.S. Expect news on our 2015-1 update very soon.
Kindest Regards,

Ryan Healey
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