This is all about Type Conversion

Hi every body ,

          I want to upload a file using ASP.NET and VB.NET . I had written a class in VJ# and I like to access the property with datatype byte[] . But When I like to access it Its showing sbyte[] . Now sbyte[] can not be done CType to byte . And I am facing the problem to write the file because it accepts only byte[] . Can any one help me out .

         Thanx in advance for all the answers


Subhasis Chakraborty

I guess the first question is why is it showing sbyte[]?  can you change it to return byte[]?  sbyte is a different type than byte.

Hi all,

I moved this topic to the .NET Chit-Chat forum.  It seems to be the appropriate place.  If not, let me know ;)

..:: Bare ::..

Yeah i was going to mention that also but i couldn't do anything about it so i didn't say anything.

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