Selling components? where?

Hey guys,

I have made a component that I am thinking of selling just because... but honestly I don't see the benefit of spending the money on hosting and taking credit cards online for it since it is a single component and may not sell much anyway. I just want to give it a shot and see what happens. What do you think my best options are?

Just an FYI, I have made a .NET TimeZone component that displays all timezones and calculates the correct time honoring the timezone rules in each country or state. It would behave similar to the way Windows timezone but it would be for the web. It is not a visual component, although I can easily make a wrapper dropdown combo for it.

Setup a paypal account and use the dev kit if you want to tie payments to download instructions or just accept paypal and then email them the component or dl location. If it proves larger.. then head into a more formal payment system.

Mark Rigger82 Christianson
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Thats an idea... thanks :)

Paypal would be your best, espcially since you can use it to accept credit cards without forcing people to sign up for a paypal account.  Plus things like free shopping carts and shipping tools (yes I know you won't ship) has really turned it into a great tool for Small Business folks.  The best part about their credit card processing is there are no monthly fees like traditional merchant accounts.

Jimmy Stuart

sweet! I didn't know that. I will look into it.

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