Credit Card Transactions & Sales Tax rates

Hi all,

I could use some advice...

Credit Card Trasactions
1) Have any of you setup automated credit card transaction within your site? If so, did you write the code or did you use a ready made .NET component?
2) Are there any credit card transaction manual methods that are somewhat smooth and efficient?

Sales Tax Rates
1) I'll be charging sales tax in orders within a specific state. I'm wondering how one acquires the sales tax rates (via zipcode) for a specific state?

Any words of wisdom and experience would be greatly appreciated.


..:: Bare ::..

I rolled my own interface using info from but I know there are a number of cc components out there for .net you could use.

I found this site and it might help you with your sales tax rates.

Mark Rigger82 Christianson
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While I haven't used them yet, has some nifty .net components.  If you do not already have a merchant account, I would highly suggest looking at paypal, for someone just starting out or who won't have a large volume of transactions to start with, they are a great tool and you will save by not having to pay monthly fees and such.  If you go the traditional route look at the cc component from dotnetcommerce as its setup to actually interact with 3 processors directly, bypassing the need to pay monthly gateway fees.

As far as sales tax goes, you need to find the web site for your Secretary of State for your State (that's usually the right office).  They will have all the info regarding what you need to do before you collect, what you collect for, etc.  Believe me it can be a LOT more complicated that it seems.  You will also need to investigate with them if you have to charge sales tax at all.  There are a LOT of gray areas regarding computers and software and such.

Jimmy Stuart

Thanks for the input guys...

I've looked into the PayPal idea... where I could debit a paypal account -or- debit a credit card.. but to me, it seemed that in order to do this you had to use the Paypal Shopping cart... which I do not want to do... I want to do the whole cart and order stuff myself... and just do the credit card transaction through PayPal... Jimmy, is this possible??

Unfortunately, I'll be selling mostly clothing type items... so taxation will be tricky... I will contact my state and see what they can help me with...

..:: Bare ::..


Here is a link to one of the PayPal customization pages:

We've been evaluating using PayPal for a client recently, so that is the extent of my integration knowledge - we haven't actually attempted anything yet.  In addition to not having any monthly fees, an big upside that we found is the fact that the cart itself IS hosted by PayPal.  This takes the burden off of you for securing the entire credit card transaction as well as the continual storing of credit card and customer information.  Note that you still host the entire site, and as I understand it, you simply generate buttons that you put on your website that when clicked pass information and thus the item is added to the shopping cart.

Jimmy Stuart

I'm liking the idea of using .netCharge to process directly through Pamenttech processing.... This will give me the flexibility to create my own cart and checkout procedures (and design/looks)... example : Taxation, Shipping charges, keeping my users within my user authentication system... and so on....

More work... but should be a more sound solution...

I'll keep researching...

Sales tax is my last obstacle :( arghhhh

..:: Bare ::..

Hello Bare,

I've used Verisign Payflow pro with classic ASP. My host had that compononent installed. Also used the Payflow (basic) with a simple order form, which is fine for basic stuff, but the payments are take offsite, then redirected back to you.

For .NET currently I'm setting up a site with Authorize.Net and using the E-payment intgetgrator component from nSoftware ($99 for single server, single gateway). I was going to go with the .netcharge but this was cheaper and a bigger company.

The component is pretty straight forward though I've also heard good things on the .netcharge. I've been dealing alot with credit card issues lately so If you have any specific questions let me know. One issue I'm currently is dealing with is international (from the USA point of view) cards and the liablity when crossing borders with your transactions. Paypal can be intergrated without using their cart, but it does require that you redirect users away from your site temporarily to get their money.


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