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Just to get the ball rolling we've provided some examples below...

InstantForum.NET v4.x

There are a few more on our product page at

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Ryan Healey
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15 Years Ago by Ryan Healey

It's still pretty quiet, but here it is:

Some minor customization, mostly just a wrapper and skin to allow it to coexist within the the css nature of my site.  The only trick I needed was to reference my main site's style sheets within the skin's stylesheet. 

I initially referenced the main site's stylesheets from the wrapper, but that caused some interesting problems in firefox in pages with the html edit control.

Mark (Reg) Griebling

Hi Mark,

Looking very good. Thanks for posting the link :)

I noticed your menu's don't close when you click the body. Could you try disabling page compression within the admin Optimization Settings and let me know if this helps.
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Ryan Healey
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I assume you mean the Recent Posts and Popular Topics menus.  I disabled both page compression and Remove Span Tags.  No difference I could see.

Mark (Reg) Griebling IS DEAD...

NEW forums
- RadMenu in MasterPage Template
- 3 subtle color changing skins  

Matt Brown

We kept the look/feel pretty much as is.  It complemented our site.

Click forum in the sidebar.


VT (11/9/2005)
We kept the look/feel pretty much as is. It complemented our site.

Click forum in the sidebar.

Couldn't connect to the forum? ;)

..:: Bare ::..

VT (11/9/2005)

Click forum in the sidebar.

All I get is click click click and no forum. Other links seem to work. You must have flipped the STEALTH = "True" in the web.config :D

Mark Rigger82 Christianson
US Paratrooper & Webmaster of

It's a bit quiet because it has only been going a couple of weeks but I am happy with the response so far:

Thanks Ryan for your help with my licensing issues etc..



Integrated with MonoX portal. Register in the portal (trigger creates user in IF and enters his unique ID back into Portal user table), Login into Monox and user credentials are shared with IF. Removed Calendar (as I have my own and IF Login/Registration)



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