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Anyone have some good suggestions in regard to RSS Readers? I'm looking to start using one, but I'd rather get a good one right off the bat.

Do any of the readers display their content in a threaded view, to make RSS forum feeds easier to understand and navigate?


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Ive used it in the past and it was recommended to me. Im kind of going the other route with RSS.. just going to hook it in so that topics and events can be displayed on a homepage elsewhere.

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I created my own stored procedures to display forum data on my website... but the RSS is a good idea as well...

Thanks for the tip on the RSS reader!!!

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Google's new desktop search has a reader built in...not a true aggregator, but, it does a lot more too.  :D

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That looks pretty sweet... I think I'll be playing around with it for awhile...


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FeedDemon is my preferred client...
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This may help...
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I use
Its easier because even if you dont know the feed url, google automatically creates one.

Google Reader is excellent, I dont use as many feeds as perhaps I should, but that would definately be my choice.

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