Cannot open .ASCX Files in VS2003

Any ideas on how to fix this so I can get a designer (and intellisense) for the ASCX controls?

Much appreciated.

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VS2003-Error.gif (886 views, 8.00 KB)

If I remember correctly you get that when you try to visually design a file that as it says can't be visually designed.  Try opening the ascx file in code view.

Jimmy Stuart

Is this a file for InstantForum?

I'm assuming not (as I can open those in designer view with no problem in VS 2003).

I'm also assuming you copied a file and tried to open it after copying it... you'll need to change the reference at the top in code view first. It'll refer to the original code behind file you copied.


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This is trying to open the file Skins\Classic\Controls\MainNavigation.ascx.

I should be able to get a designer on it and not have to edit everyting in code view.

Chris ... Currently Exploring InstantForums Implimentations

Yea.. you should be able to open that up in designer view..

Have you changed anything in that file?

I had a problem before where I added something and forgot to close it...


<InstantASP:HyperLink id="hypMyLink" runat="server" cssClass="SmallBoldGrayText">

Which should be

<InstantASP:HyperLink id="hypMyLink" runat="server" cssClass="SmallBoldGrayText"/>

Normally the Design View will tell you what line there is a problem though.. it's not doing that for you?

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Can you post what you have in the header of your file?

It should be:

<%@ Control Language="vb" %> <%@ Control Language="vb" %>
<% @Register tagPrefix="InstantASP" Namespace="InstantASP.Common.UI.WebControls" Assembly="InstantASP.Common.UI" %>
<% @Register tagPrefix="InstantASP" Namespace="InstantASP.Common.UI.WebControls" Assembly="InstantASP.Common.UI" %>

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14 Years Ago by Cradz

Can you open that template from the other Skin folder?

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